Курс персонального обучения Пауль Р. Шелли

НазваниеКурс персонального обучения Пауль Р. Шелли
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    Tools for Lifelong Learning

    To develop mastery of PhotoReading and live a richly rewarding life, explore these programs published by Learning Strategies Corporation.

    Learn more about our products by visiting our website or calling for more information. If you purchased your course directly from us you will automatically receive new product announcements. Watch your mail for Learning Strategies Corporation.

    All programs come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well as free success coaching. Call or email a coach when you need assistance.

    An order form with prices is on page 68 of this manual.

    PhotoReading Seminar

    Expert PhotoReading instructors, certified by Learning Strategies Corporation, lead seminars worldwide. Half of all seminar attendees began with the ^ PhotoReading Personal Learning Course and enrolled to increase their effectiveness. Class sizes are small to ensure you receive quality support. Check our website for seminar dates or call a PhotoReading coach at 800-735-8273. You will find a $25 tuition certificate on the last page of this manual.

    PhotoReading Results Supercharger

    The three DVDs of this special package—Inside Secrets, Mastering the Basics, and Power PhotoReading—were filmed at the Learning Strategies PhotoReading Retreat. You will see and learn from the real-life experience of PhotoReaders - not just from instructors. You will watch them triumph over their own self-limiting beliefs and master PhotoReading. Get more tips and techniques for even more benefit and use from the PhotoReading whole mind system. This DVD package is indespensible to those who have completed either the PhotoReading self-study or seminar.


    With this course you received a Paraliminal Session called ^ Memory Supercharger. One listening and you will understand why hundreds of thousands of people enjoy Paraliminals. Other Paraliminal recordings can help you master and integrate the PhotoReading whole mind system.

    While the descriptions below focus on getting more benefit from PhotoReading, they can be very useful in helping you achieve goals in other areas of your life.

    Paraliminals are unlike anything you have used for personal growth.

    You will hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while at the same time you will hear another voice in the other ear speaking to a different part of the brain. Very unusual, but pleasurable and effective. Start building your library today!

    Personal Genius helps you get into the flow state and use the full resources of your inner mind for learning.

    ^ Automatic Pilot vaporizes negative self-talk and helps you move toward goals without self-sabotage. This recording is great if you habitually talk yourself out of reading things you want or need.

    Get Around To It helps eliminate procrastination and motivates you to take action now. If you find yourself putting off reading, then listen to it today.

    ^ New Behavior Generator helps overcome resistance and establish the habit of reading.

    New History Generator helps overcome a history of being a poor reader or of being unsuccessful in school. It encourages and supports your new reading goals.

    Anxiety-Free helps overcome anxieties about studying, reading, testing, and taking responsibility for your own success.

    ^ Belief helps build strong and necessary belief in your own capabilities as a PhotoReader.

    Dream Play helps you program and recall your dreams, which can be effective activation tools for PhotoReading.

    Prosperity helps you win the benefits of PhotoReading by achieving promotions, higher productivity, better grades, etc.

    ^ Deep Relaxation helps you access the PhotoReading state of relaxed alertness.

    Self-Esteem Supercharger helps build a positive self-concept.

    10-Minute Supercharger helps your mind become mentally alert and your body revitalized. It is great for long study sessions.

    ^ New Option Generator helps resolves problems by creating new solutions.

    Ideal Weight helps you reach and maintain your ideal weight without fad diets.

    Positive Relationships helps attract and improve personal or professional relationships.

    Sales Leap helps improve your performance in all forms of persuasion.

    Smoke-Free helps you enjoy the healthy life-style of a nonsmoker.

    ^ Perfect Health helps align your mind and body for health and well-being.

    Youthful Vitality helps bring back unbridled vitality and other desirable traits of youth.

    Double Your Reading Speed in 10 Minutes

    Grab a book, play the recording, and watch your reading speed increase immediately. Even your concentration improves with this single audio session. Paul Scheele worked with several techniques from the PhotoReading whole mind system to give you this reading boost whenever you need it.

    ^ Natural Brilliance: Move from feeling stuck to achieving success

    Paul Scheele created a uniquely powerful self-study course to help you overcome blocks, to help you overcome any challenge...at will. As a result,

    • Life becomes smoother and more fulfilling

    • Proverbial mountains shrink to molehills

    • Relationships become more meaningful and pleasurable

    • Stress drains from your life

    • Goals soar to achievement

    While listening to the first session of the Natural Brilliance Personal Learning Course you will see how Natural Brilliance can work for you. You will begin work on an area of life in which you feel stuck. On Session A of the next four recordings, you will explore the four steps of Natural Brilliance. On Session B of those recordings, Paul guides you through a Paraliminal learning session to make the steps of Natural Brilliance automatic. The sixth, titled the Natural Brilliance Generator Paraliminal, helps you spontaneously move through limitations as they arise in the future.

    ^ Million Dollar Vocabulary: Sharpen your verbal edge for success

    From the very first listening session your vocabulary will grow. Professor J. Michael Bennett and Paul Scheele's ^ Million Dollar Vocabulary contains breakthrough processes to make it easier to learn over 600 words and their meanings-and use them in every day life. The course consists of 12 lessons and a 64-page playbook that includes a review of the audio lessons as well as quizzes and crossword puzzles, tips for expanding your vocabulary, and an extensive glossary.

    The highlights of the course are two Paraliminal learning sessions that will imprint the words and their meanings directly to your brain. Verbally-strong people are credited with superior intelligence, higher education, and gifted capabilities, even if it is not true. Building your vocabulary is perhaps the easiest way to raise your position in the world.

    ^ Ideal Mindset - Decisive Action - Consistent Achievement

    Paul Scheele created three courses to cover the three components of lasting success. The most prosperous people of the world 1) have an ideal mindset, 2) take decisive action, and 3) consistently achieve. Each course includes a course manual and eight audio recordings, some of which are Paraliminal.

    The next three listings describe each of the programs. They can be used individually or as a full program. While Paul Scheele recommends using the programs in order—^ Ideal Mindset, Decisive Action, and Consistent Achievement—they can be used in any order you choose.

    Ideal Mindset: How to let go of the past and prepare yourself for profound growth

    Paul Scheele's ^ Ideal Mindset Personal Learning Course helps you build a strong mental foundation so that you think, act, and feel in ways that support your success. Goal achievement becomes easier, almost automatic, when you are fortified with an ideal mindset.

    Eight days with eight sessions will transform your way of thinking to speed success in any area of your life. You will begin to act with laser focus, spotlight your strengths, electrify your performance, believe in yourself, and feel great about yourself and your life.

    Decisive Action: How to break free and leap forward to success

    Paul Scheele's Decisive Action Personal Learning Course helps you focus, blast through fears, and take the action necessary to accomplish your goals and dreams. ^ Decisive Action gives you the freedom to achieve and the power to make decisions, influence others, make more money, enjoy stronger relationships, stand up for your ideas and rights, and make a difference to yourself and others.

    And, you will learn to automatically get more done with less stress.

    Consistent Achievement: How to strengthen your follow-through and triumph again and again

    Paul Scheele's ^ Consistent Achievement Personal Learning Course helps keep your success circuits switched on. You will not be known as a One Hit Wonder, because you will have success strategies wired into your brain to achieve one success after another.

    This course is counter-instinctual. You will be asked to do things considerably differently from how you may be doing them now. Therein lies its power and the reason it will provide you with breakthrough results.

    Boundless Renewal: Embrace the Power of Reflection to Rejuvenate, Attract, and Achieve

    Don't let the speed of life get the best of you. Rescue yourself from feeling overwhelmed, burned out, disengaged, or out of control with Bernie Saunders and Paul Scheele's ^ Boundless Renewal. Use these breakthrough insights and strategies to bring greater emotional, intellectual, and spiritual balance to your life.

    Your course includes six audio sessions, including a brand new Paraliminal session, a comprehensive 56-page course manual, a journal, and a special package that holds the secrets to boundless renewal. See what happens when you shift your life's focus from the ever ticking clock to something more valuable.

    ^ Four Powers For Greatness: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing

    Discover the four "power" skills that can stop you cold, or lead you to greatness: listening, reading, speaking, writing.

    When you complete the six audio recordings of Professor J. Michael Bennett's Four Powers For Greatness Personal Learning Course you will be able to quickly and efficiently absorb thoughts, ideas, and feelings by becoming a more effective listener and reader. Plus, you will enjoy the ability to express yourself with powerful speaking and writing skills. Personal Celebration


    Paul Scheele's Personal Celebration Series builds safe havens for you when you are stressed and frustrated from our disjointed society. They provide comfort, peacefulness, and a sense of purpose. They allow you to move through life without being adversely affected by the constant flow of negative messages bombarding everyone. As a result you are happier, more prosperous, and fulfilled.

    ^ EasyLearn Language Programs: Spanish, French, German

    Learn a world language in the same effortless manner you learned your native language with the fun and easy-to-use EasyLearn Spanish, French, and German audio programs. You will learn in an accelerative style with closed-eye relaxation and creative visualization for easier and more enjoyable learning. An 800-word introductory language provides you the confidence for travel and simple exchanges. It is much easier to use and master than the typical 2500-5000 word language training programs, which often sit on a person's bookshelf unused.

    Each EasyLearn program complements other language training whether classroom or self-study. It provides a great refresher for people who have previously learned or studied the language.

    ^ Spring Forest Qigong: for health

    For thousands of years, the Chinese elite have known that controlled breathing techniques combined with focused concentration and simple movements can significantly improve one's health. They have called this practice Qigong (pronounced "Chee-Gong").

    Chunyi Lin, a Qigong master with over 20 years experience, has demystified this ancient practice and made it practical for today. Spring Forest Qigong, Level 1 guides you through simple, easy-to-follow exercises for a vibrant health and well-being. Level 2 guides you to help other people heal themselves.

    Two exercises from ^ Spring Forest Qigong, "Moving of Yin & Yang" and "Breathing of the Universe," are particularly useful for PhotoReading and learning in general.

    Euphoria: The gift of a healthy, balanced, and energetic life

    Chunyi Lin joins six experts to help you experience a natural, euphoric high. Learn to enter, at will, a sense of inner calm. Experience joyful flowing with the events around you. Feel blissful happiness, love, rapture, and peace of mind.

    Paul Scheele presents a Paraliminal session, Hale Dwoskin teaches the Sedona Method for euphoria, D. Trinidad Hunt helps you find your purpose, Chunyi Lin presents a Spring Forest Qigong meditation that is similar to the Self-Concentration meditation in Level 1, Bill Harris gives you a Holosync experience, and Rex Steven and Carolyn Sikes take you on a ride with the Attitude Activator - all giving you the gift of a healthful, balanced, and energetic life.

    ^ Memory Optimizer: A fun, bold approach to vastly improve your memory

    Improve your memory with a unique, new approach using Vera F. Birkenbihl's "The Birkenbihl Method" and Paul Scheele's "Paraliminal Learning." Concepts and practical processes such as Intelligent Gap Management, the Inner Archive, Memory Pyramid, and the Anchorman List coupled with 57 memory tricks will give strength to your memory and ability to learn. The course manual includes a section to strengthen PhotoReading activation.

    ^ Resiliency: The Power To Bounce Back

    Use Resiliency strategies to overcome adversity and thrive in most any circumstances. Get both the edge to handle life's annoyances and setbacks as well confidence to deal powerfully with cataclysmic events. Al Siebert and Paul Scheele help you build mental and emotional flexibility to turn misfortune into good fortune.

    ^ Genius Code: Guiding you into the realm of genius

    Tune into those secret messages that your brain automatically sends you to boost your IQ, solve any problem, accelerate learning, recognize golden opportunities, and supercharge your intuition.

    Paul Scheele and Win Wenger created a fascinating exploration into the human mind with useful and practical applications that can benefit you immediately. Plus, you will receive tips for using the processes of ^ Genius Code to activate books that you PhotoRead.

    Genius Mind DVD

    Forget boring talks about "brain power"... this is a rock concert of mental potential. You'll see how the brain works and learn how to use this knowledge to further your Financial, Relationship and Academic Success.

    ^ How to Order or Enroll

    To order the products please use the order form that came with your course. Additional information can be found on our website, www.LearningStrategies.com or by calling us at 800-735-8273.

    All purchases come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and success coaching

    Learning Strategies Corporation

    Innovating ways to release your genius since 1981

    2000 Plymouth Road

    Minnetonka, Minnestoa 55305-2335 USA

    952-476-9200 • 800-735-8273 • Fax 952-475-2373


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    Курс персонального обучения Пауль Р. Шелли iconКурс персонального обучения Пауль Р. Шелли
    Оно выражается в возможности пройти этот курс, овладеть навыками Фоточтения и использовать их. Данный курс предназначен для Вас лично....

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    Подробный курс обучения ретуши и цветокоррекции фотографий средствами Adobe Photoshop

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    Курс персонального обучения Пауль Р. Шелли iconАромштам М. С. А79 Азбучные сказки. Начальный курс обучения грамоте де­тей от пяти лет
    А79 Азбучные сказки. Начальный курс обучения грамоте де­тей от пяти лет. М.: Изд-во нц энас, 2005. 184 с.(Детский сад)

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    Курс персонального обучения Пауль Р. Шелли iconПерси Биши Шелли
    Перевод О. Рединой и А. Ливерганта Thomas Love Peacock. Nightmare Abbey. Gryll Grange

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    Согласно учебной программы студенты заочной формы обучения изучают курс «Отечественная история». Учебным планом предусматриваются...

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